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Elimes Outfit is an evolving luxury fashion brand with the focus of making variety of great looks, timeless piece for a selective calibre of men and women.

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Executive high profiled men and women with a craving for high end quality apparel.

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Honour, Modesty, Integrity, Quality

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Elijah Badmus is a Ghana-based Fashion Designer. He migrated from Nigeria to Ghana for his tertiary education at Wisconsin International University College Ghana. He majored in Business Management and Computer Studies. That was where he developed his passion for a business in Fashion. Elijah was displeased with the wardrobe choices of most Academicians and he's a subscriber to the school of thought that their appearance could discourage millennials from taking up a career in Academia. Based on Elijah's observations of most of the lecturers not being fashion-oriented, he identified an untapped niche and came up with a hypothesis that setting up a clothing brand that targets this audience at their place of work while offering them flexible payment plans and free delivery service would help make an impact on their appearance. That was the core offering and the genesis of his beautiful and rewarding fashion career.

Asides Fashion, Elijah is very passionate about Africa's Development and Youth Empowerment which led to his disengagement with his fashion business immediately after school. He attempted to work voluntarily with some UN agencies in Ghana and some other research institutions but after sending out applications to the different organizations with no appointment, he decided to focus on his adventure in the fashion industry. Elijah became more committed to growing a fashion-forward business and influencing the couture of academicians and other professionals whose work schedule isn’t flexible.